So, you’re planning your trip to Tuscany or you’re already here. Maybe you're looking for things to do around you this weekend, or you are wondering what places and experiences are definitely worth seeing and doing in Tuscany.

Since you're here... Browse our catalogue! We hand-picked the best and most genuine Tuscan flavors, colors, and vibes – for you!

Just choose and treat yourself with one of our tours and experiences. Each one is carefully designed to make you discover real Tuscany.


Why should you choose, say, an e-bike tour?

Because taking an electric bike tour might be a fun way to explore Tuscany at a pace of your choosing while discovering its natural and historical treasures and enjoy unforgettable views.

Our e-bike tours  in Cortona, Valdarno or Casentino area will lead you right into the heart of forests and idyllic countrysides surrounded by hilltop towns, hamlets and ancient monasteries. 

Hiking tours are also available!

Both bike and hike tours feature professional  English-speaking MTB guides or environmental tour guides.

Plus, we included a picnic with local produce and delicacies for a tasty refreshment.


Speaking of treasures, take a look at our hidden Tuscany destinations: Arezzo, Valdarno and Casentino are perfect for an off-the-beaten-track tour dedicated to the discovery of food, nature, unexpected Beauty, and Art away from the touristy locations.

As for art lovers, they shouldn't miss our itinerary following Piero della Francesca trail, a chance to explore the land that inspired the Master of Perspective in his frescoes. Start from Arezzo, where you can see the fresco cycle The Legend of the True Cross, then head to Monterchi and admire the regal Madonna del Parto, and end in Sansepolcro, where 'the greatest picture in the world' awaits you.


Or, if you feel like going sightseeing, discover some of the loveliest cities and hill towns in Tuscany with a one day private guided tour in Arezzo, Anghiari, Cortona, Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano: along with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, you will come into contact with this fascinating territory!

Don't worry about big crowds and  noisy tourists groups: we want you to take it slow and savor every moment, which is why our guided tours are private or dedicated to small groups – like our weekly walking tour in Arezzo.


And don’t forget that we offer a private transfer service, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in car hire with driver in Arezzo or other areas.

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