Cycling 1,800 miles home ACROSS TUSCANY, PLAN YOUR DREAM

  • Cycling 1,800 miles home
  • Cycling 1,800 miles home

Riding the wooden bicycle he built himself from scratch, Juan Pablo Perlo is currently cycling coast to coast across South America, from Uruguay to Chile via Brazil and Argentina. He left from Arezzo, Tuscany, on November 28, 2018, and won't be back until March.

He's literally going to cross rivers and climb mountains, such as the Rio de la Plata and the majestic Aconcagua (6,961 m or 22,838 ft), the highest Andean peak and one of the Seven Summits. In total, it is a 1,800 miles trip, the longest Pablo has ever embarked on with Alma, his wooden bicycle.

He surely has a passion for adventurous travel experiences - he rode across Sri Lanka, last year, and Ireland some time before - but this one is going to be the most demanding one, both physically and emotionally. As a matter of fact, Juan Pablo was born in Uruguay, the same land that his mother and his father, who was born in Argentina, roamed with a traveling theater group. Pablo was 3 years old when he left Uruguay with his parents, who crossed the Ocean looking for a better future. He lived in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Although he has lived in Tuscany for 30 years now, he wouldn't identify himself with any country.

His family tree has roots leading everywhere in the world, which is why Pablo actually comes from Uruguay, Italy, the Basque Country, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Ireland, Brittany...

The whole world is 'home' to him, but coming back to the lands where his parents were born and met is going to be the adventure of a lifetime and the chance to gain deeper self-knowledge.

We will follow Pablo and post about him on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #juanpablocoasttocoast. Stay tuned!

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