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Discover Tuscany with us

Discovering the Chianti region, the heart of Tuscany

Chianti is an area of Tuscany to be discovered with all the senses. Hills, wine, oil: they are now universally recognized symbols of beauty, taste and know-how.
Few territories have such a rich and evocative charm as Chianti, a natural landscape made up of a thousand shades, colors and scents. Green hills drawn by kilometers of vineyards and olive groves, small villages enclosed by large medieval walls, ancient churches, castles, fortresses and farmhouses: all this, combined with its traditions, make it one of the most famous territories in the world.
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Chianti, in particular, is famous all over the world for the production of the homonymous red wine. Already in the mid-sixteenth century the wine produced in its vineyards was exported as far as England, bringing Chianti to a period of splendor: in those years the noble farms and villas of landowners were born, who came to spend the summer in the countryside. This area, full of vineyards arranged neatly on the gentle hills, extends for about 700 square kilometers between the provinces of Florence and Siena.
The most representative villages are Greve, Gaiole, Radda and Castellina, where walking through the streets of the town, as well as enjoying the splendid panorama, you can delight your palate by tasting excellent wine combined with Tuscan culinary art.

Radda in Chianti

This city is a large medieval village set among the hills, surrounded by woods, olive trees and wines. The town encloses the old medieval village within its walls, where you can admire the Palazzo del Podestà dating back to the 1400s, the small square of the castle, the medieval walkway, the Granducale ice house and the promenade of the walls in the center of the town.

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Gaiole in Chianti

Located on the road that connects the Chianti to the Valdarno, it is an important center in the Chianti Classico area. Thanks to this position, it has always played an important market role among the villages of the surrounding hills.

Its territory is rich in medieval castles and very beautiful ancient churches.

Castellina in Chianti

The village of Etruscan origin is today one of the most important centers of the Sienese Chianti. Its fifteenth-century fortress that stands out in the distance with the keep and its crenellated tower are what remains of the ancient walls that surrounded the town, interrupted only by the two gates, one facing Siena and the other towards Florence.
The historic center has a medieval layout as evidenced by Via delle Volte, the enchanting covered walkway that was part of the ancient fortified complex and whose narrow loopholes frame suggestive views of the surrounding countryside.
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Greve in Chianti

Its history is linked to that of the splendid Castello di Montefioralle of which it was a simple dependency but thanks to its position, it became the main market in the area. Even today you can admire the characteristic market square in the shape of an elongated triangle and mostly surrounded by arcades.
It is a very picturesque small town, where you can breathe the air of a village, where it is pleasant to stop for a coffee or enjoy a good glass of wine.

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