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Discover Tuscany with us

Autumn and its wonders

Autumn in Tuscany can only mean one thing: fairytale villages, ochre-colored vineyards, woods turning warmer colors, and a variety of opportunities to dive into incredible experiences.
This is the best time to rediscover this land under a new light: the weather is still mild; the air is full of the scent of chestnuts and nature bursts with creativity.
With the arrival of October and November comes the ideal mood to visit Tuscany’s churches and museums, taste seasonal delicacies, stroll through the alleys of its enhancing hillside villages, and enjoy spectacular landscapes colored by the wonderful hues of autumn.
foto della toscana in autunno

What you should absolutely not miss:

The Casentino Forests National Park, located on the eastern side of Tuscany – about an hour and a half from Florence, is the ideal place to enjoy the autumn foliage phenomenon. With many plant species including maples, oaks, beeches, chestnut trees, and hundreds of miles in trails, it’s one of the largest forests in Europe and features the unique display of every shade of autumn color. During the weeks between October and November, the park offers a true color show, turning yellow, red, green, and orange, which can be enjoyed through organized tours, hiking trails, walks, exhibitions, photo workshops and tastings.
In this enchanted world immersed in unspoiled nature reign the smell of the underbrush and silence is interrupted only by the bellowing of the deer during mating season.
foto di Piazza del Campo a Siena
Autumn in Tuscany, however, also coincides with an incredible explosion of flavors and seasonal products that represent authentic Italian excellence, above all: porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, truffles, and extra virgin olive oil. To celebrate and enjoy such variety of products there are taste roads, festivals, and events where you can participate in the harvest or just taste these delicacies.
One of the most interesting and unusual activities that can be done during this period, for example, is to take part in a truffle and porcini mushroom hunting expedition. With the help of experienced local guides and their finely trained dogs you can go looking for these treasures hidden in the underbrush and put together adventure, immersion in nature and love for food. By wandering through the Tuscan countryside, moreover, you will happen to see huge tarpaulins spread out under the olive trees for the November harvest, which means that you will also find an olive oil mill nearby. To celebrate the arrival of the new oil, with all its different aromas, it’s possible to take part in tastings and events at the mills, allowing plenty of room for sensory experience.
Finally, autumn is the ideal time of the year to visit our wonderful region, Tuscany, taking your time to go and discover all those treasures that make it so special and unique. With their beautiful churches and museums, the cities of art are fascinating places, rich in history but above all far from the summer heat and the crowds of tourists. In autumn, in fact, the weather is pleasant and it’s possible to plan excursions and tours more quickly, without stressing about long lines.
Not only that, though. During these months prices are lower, the city is more livable, and you will be able to enjoy, while walking through the streets of the center, all the sights and settings that have made our region internationally famous.

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