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Val d'Orcia: explore the Site Transitoire

If you are looking for a charming destination for your next weekend in Tuscany, Site Transitoire could be the perfect choice. Located in the province of Siena, this  monument offers a unique combination of natural beauty, history and culture.

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Completing this piece, installing those stones, I realized that they outlined in light and space the boundaries of a house: a residence without walls and with an invisible threshold. A few slabs on the ground, a seat to welcome passers-by, a bench, a window, and the vault of the sky for a roof.” With these words the french artist Jean-Paul Philippe, who created it in 1993, explains the essence of this work which, at least at first glance, seems to be wonderfully inserted in this place, so much so that you think it has always been here. You may be wondering: what exactly is it? It is a stone window, which stands on the hill framing the landscape which, especially at sunset, is tinged with incredible colors. The artist allows us to enjoy this show in the three main positions that distinguish man: standing, sitting or lying down. So: the "portal", where you look while standing as if in front of the window; the "throne", from which you can enjoy the wonder of the place while seated, but also a "stone / bed" on which to lie down and observe the sky.

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The Site Transitoire is set in the landscape of the Crete Senesi, a strip of land that extends towards the Val D'Orcia and the Valdichiana, other wonderful areas that we invite you to discover by following our advice. Are you ready to delve into a fantastic itinerary that we are about to offer you to spend a memorable weekend in Tuscany?

what to do in a few days in the Crete Senesi

Often referred to as a "lunar landscape", the Crete Senesi are such a beautiful place that it seems impossible to find the words to describe them. A land that seems painted in every single detail, where nothing is left to chance: from the ears of wheat swaying with the wind, to the cypresses lined up with maniacal precision. If you love nature or picturesque villages, in addition to the Site Transitoire, here are three other places that we absolutely recommend you visit:

  • Asciano, a village with a typical medieval imprint. Worth visiting is the Basilica of Sant'Agata, with a gray stone facade located at the top of a staircase, but also Palazzo Corboli and the Civic Museum of Archeology and Sacred Art, one of the most important in the area. Continuing along the streets of the historic center you reach the spectacular Piazza del Grano with the fifteenth-century fountain, which shows the allegories of a fascinating medieval culture, and Palazzo del Podestà, with its ancient coats of arms.
  • Monte Oliveto Maggiore Benedictine abbey, located in Chiusure, a locality near Asciano. Surrounded by the green of the woods and the ocher yellow of the Crete Senesi, it appears as a quiet and isolated place. Founded by Bernardo Tolomei in 1300, the jewel of the complex is the magnificent cloister, completely frescoed with images from the life of San Benedetto.
  • Baccoleno farmhouse. If you look for the term Val D'Orcia on Instagram, most of the photos returned by the feed have this place near Asciano as the protagonist. The images that immortalize it are taken to the left of the entrance gate, above a green hill. A tip to keep in mind for a perfect photo? The ideal would be to stay high up, so as to frame the whole avenue of cypresses together with the farmhouse.
Everyone deserves a visit to the Crete Senesi, at least once in their life, especially if you are planning an itinerary in Tuscany.

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